SWSPG Spring Show 2017

Thank you to all competitors who came to support our Spring Show. Our judge, Mrs M Sargent had a lovely selection of ponies before her.

Young Handler 11 years & under
1st Zennor Robin & Ella Brown

Young Handler 12-16 Years
1st Tawna Cherish & Toby Bull

Novice Pony Youngstock
1st Kilnbrook Isambard – Miss C Evans
2nd Halstock Minnie Mo – Ms K Hodge
3rd Sharptor Darsini – Mr & Mrs A Belcher

Standard Yearling
1st Zennor Roxanne – Cosgrove Family
2nd Kilnbrook Isambard – Miss C Evans
3rd Lakehead Milly Magic – Mr & Mrs Bowden

Miniature Yearling
1st Tawna Cherish – A Runnalls & F Hammond
2nd Collytown Mardi Gras – Mrs A Blamey
3rd Tawna Martha – J Stidwell

Standard 2 Year Old
1st Lovaton Lavender Delight – Mrs A Foster
2nd – Westbridgepark Bombay Sapphire – Mrs S Chapple

Miniature 2 Year Old
1st Snelsmore Sebastien – Mr & Mrs Percy
2nd Collytown Timepiece – Mrs A Blamey
3rd Halstock Minnie Mo – Ms K Hodge

Standard 3 Year Old
1st Zennor Roxy – Cosgrove Family
2nd – Blackertor Pink Panther – Miss C Evans

Miniature 3 Year Old
1st Kalmara Aristocrat – Ms K Hodge

Standard Junior Champion – Zennor Roxy
Reserve Junior Champion – Zennor Roxanne

Miniature Junior Champion – Snelsmore Sebastien
Reserve Junior Champion – Tawna Cherish

Senior Novice
1st Zennor Robin – E Brown

Standard Gelding
1st Zennor Aster – C Garcia
2nd Coryhill Black Panther – Mrs S Braddon
3rd Zennor Robin – E Brown

Miniature Gelding
1st Tawna Midas – Ms F Lawrence
2nd Collytown Fabian – C & J Sleeman

Standard Mare
1st Kerloch Verity – Mrs S Chapple
2nd Zennor Abigail – Ms M Matthews
3rd Sharptor Silver Skyline – Ms K Hodge

Miniature Mare
1st Snelsmore Querl – Mr & Mrs Percy
2nd Welltrek Magic Star – A Allen
3rd Collytown Suki – Mrs A Blamey

Standard Stallion
1st Kerloch Emperor – Mrs S Braddon

Miniature Stallion
1st Snelsmore Quiz Master – Mr & Mrs Percy
2nd Tawna Rubus – A Runnalls & F Hammond
3rd Tawna Trooper – C & J Sleeman

Overall Standard Champion – Zennor Roxy
Reserve Champion – Kerloch Emperor

Overall Miniature Champion – Snelsmore Quiz Master
Reserve Champion – Tawna Rubus

Lead Rein
1st Zennor Aster – C Garcia

Ridden Champion – Zennor Aster

Overall Supreme Champion – Zennor Roxy
Overall Reserve Champion – Snelsmore Quiz Master
Best Gelding – Tawna Midas